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vol. 31
Original paper

The effects of reflexology on joint pain and disability in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip joints

Karolina Kielar
Justyna Drzał-Grabiec
Aleksandra Truszczyńska
Natalia Twarowska

Postępy Rehabilitacji (3), 29 – 40, 2017
Online publish date: 2018/01/30
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Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common joint disorders and affects a significant percentage of the elderly. Reflexology is a therapeutic method of applying appropriate compression technique to pressure points located, for instance, on feet. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of foot reflexology treatment on pain and vitality level in persons with osteoarthritis.

Material and methods
The study was conducted on a group 20 individuals (16 women and 4 men) aged 41-76, who suffered from osteoarthritis. Two questionnaires (surveys), i.e. the NRS scale and the WOMAC questionnaire, were the research tools applied in the study. The study was conducted prior to the therapy and after a series of 8 sessions.

After the treatment, the researchers observed an improvement in average results obtained in the WOMAC questionnaire. Moreover, the respondents reported a reduction in pain intensity and improvement in functionality. The applied treatment effectively reduced the intake of pain medications by the surveyed individuals (p = 0.006). The respondents also reported improvement in the quality of sleep.

According to the individuals surveyed, reflexology is an effective analgesic method, as a notable reduction in pain severity was observed. Reflexology increases the activity of patients and reduces the intake of pain medications.


reflexology, osteoarthritis, therapeutic massage

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